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Soulfield Design

Living life embracing what truly brings us happiness


Home and Hygge

Where you relax; unwind and recharge.

The first step to being able to be your best for others is in being the best for yourself. Be precious about you. Take time to rest and refresh and be comfortable.

Home and Hygge

Relaxed Style

Wearable comfort.

When you're at home wearing your fuzzy socks and favourite shirt, sipping hot cocoa, with soft candlelight, then, my friend, you are in hygge mode.

Relaxed Style

Office and Creativity

Being Creative

Doing something you enjoy will be nourishment to your soul and the benefit will not only be yours - it will touch everyone you come in contact with. 


Welcome to Soulfield Design

Life is all about balance…

You don’t always need to be getting stuff done, Sometimes it’s perfectly okay, and absolutely necessary, to shut down kick back and do nothing. 

Lori Deschene